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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder - Random Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder whether everything in life happens for a reason.


1. Why we burp after meals and not before? There must be a reason right?
After every meal, our stomach is filled with wind, indirectly absorbed. If we dont burp, we have to fart. There is no other place for the wind to go.

2. Why we need to bake? If I dont bake, how can i go to...

Eat all you can for RM10?

Sometimes I wonder whether I sleep to much...

until i met her in China.

Sometimes I wonder why different races have different smells. Now I know why it is called race.

After a race, everyone has different "smell".

Sometimes I wonder why all beauty pageants have to be slim. My waistline is 32 and I'm beautiful. Why cant I join the contest? Is that a discrimination? I thought they say inner beauty is more important!

Ok, be serious now.
Sometimes I wonder whether all things happened in life are set by God. We all face challenges/problems sometimes, and we laugh/happy the other time.

Even though we eat, wear and live life differently, we are all humans created by God. By this, arent we all equal?

Equality should be the way of how humans think.



von Yvonne said...

thanks for dropping by my site :) interesting post, like the way you express yourself

kenwooi said...

not sure whether the things that happened are fated or not..
but hey, live life to the fullest ya =D

Kennee said...

Heal the world... make it a better place... for you and for me and the entire human race...

Just suddenly thought of that song... ^^

messi said...

yvonne: thanks :)

kenwooi: lol. i think things happened for a reason :D

kennee: thats one of my most favorable songs of MJ. Hope i can win some passes to This Is It concert. you know its not easy to get the tickets :)