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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Have you flown AirAsia recently?

AirAsia is without doubt the proud of Malaysians. Starting with the local destinations in Malaysia, AirAsia now covers almost every continent in Asia and expanding into the West. Undeniably a global airline now, AirAsia will fly to Paris soon. I'm looking forward to it.

By the way, AirAsia is having great promotions until 18 0ct. Dont worry if you miss it. Their promotions are like 365 days per year. Seriously, AirAsia has to watch their ballooning debts. It would be a great achievement if AirAsia still exists after 100 years of operation.

To learn more about AirAsia, click here The Story So Far

Back to the topic. I think AirAsia's latest tv commercials (directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad, a true Malaysian and definitely the best in her industry) are great - entertaining, funny and classy. Check it out by clicking on Media in the website

Funny stuff: "Granny" said the flight attendant were hot..."Granny" was so sad to say goodbye... All Granny. LOL!

p/s:This is not a paid ads. Just for sharing :)

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