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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gary Chaw and Justin - The Best of Friends

Both Gary Chaw and Justin Lo are my favorite singers. They shared the same horoscope, a little crazy when singing (thats what i like), and sing their heart out everytime they perform. Its hard not to like them. And I dont think a small fight will breaks their friendship.

For them, friends are very very important. Just ask anyone that share the same horoscope as them and you'll know why! Come on Gary, you have to kick this habit out. My dad succeeded when he was in his late 30s, and my grandpa in his 50s. Why cant you at only 30? Or you want me to start a signature drive " Support Gary Chaw to Stop Drinking"? Just leave a message if you really need it. I believe your supporters and fans are ready to help you. Cheer up man! Your new motto should be "Peace and Love plus No Drinking".

The friendship of Gary and Justin
Gary's performance in Bravo Justin Music Concert 2007 was probably his first in Hong Kong as a guest singer. I like this duet very much. I hope you will like it too.

It was a great opportunity for Gary to showcase his talent and win some fans there. For record, Justin is the first singer to perform in Hong Kong Coliseum after producing only one album and the tickets for his debut concert in 2006 were sold out within 10 minutes! To hold a concert in Coliseum is like every Chinese singer's dream. Its almost equivalent to the girls' dream to go to Paris and the guys to Manchester United (Barcelona for me :)).

When its time for Gary's concert, he invited Justin to be the guest singer in his very first concert in Malaysia. I was there to see his world (Gary Chaw "Welcome to My World" concert). The crowds, including me, went crazy during their performance. The girls on the row behind mine went berserk like winning RM 20 million jackpot, and screaming like seeing ghosts! I love crowds like this. They certainly made the concert alive and kicking.

The unique things about them
In Gary's concert, Justin shows why he is not just a singer but a true performer. He's not only singing the song but thoroughly enjoying the song. Thats something special about him.

Gary's own version of "My Way" is probably the most distinctive version of all where it sounds like a complete duet.

Other nice songs by Gary and Justin.

Singing Genie's song, Show Luo is overwhelmed with Gary's performance and comparing him with Jay Chou. Seriously, if Gary's opponent is Show Luo, I think they will have a good fight. Justin is just too nice to him.

Its great to have a friend like Justin. And both of them are like brothers. So, its time for Gary to do something for his brother!

No matter what, they are still best friends.

'Once friend, forever friend' - “It was just a quarrel and didn't affect our friendship. I'll still be the godfather of Gary's son,” said Justin.


kenwooi said...

their songs are nice! =D

Hp said...

Hey thank ^^ happy mid-autumn to you too! haha...Nice song here

Khai Ven said...

thanks for dropping by..and nope, you're wrong..I'm not really a fact, I don't really read at all unless I HAVE TO..haha..looks like you are a real football fan..hehe..most guys are eh..

messi said...

kenwooi: absolutely!

Hp: u r welcome :)

Khai Ven: lol..if u read a lot, i believe u can just get better n better. cheers!