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Monday, December 21, 2009

Barcelona is the King of World Football

Barcelona - The Phenomenal Team of 2008/2009

In what looks like a one-sided football match, Barcelona failed to capitalise on its attacking strength to beat Estudiantes by a big margin. Instead, Estudiantes scored a goal to take the lead from probably the only scoring chance for the underdog in the entire 90+15 minutes. That's football. Its not only superior team game that matters, but luck plays a part too. If not for the equaliser goal by Pedro in the last few minutes, Barca could have fly home greatly disappointed by the only loss in six finals.

The match ended 1-1 for the normal playing time. Barca again dominated the extra-time game with some good chances to score but suffered from poor finishing. In the second half of extra time, Barca finally takes the lead for the first time. Alves delivered a superb cross from the right and Messi surged forward and chested the ball into the net with the goalkeeper watching in awe!

It was once more a great goal scored by Messi. He had scored with the usual legs and head, plus the unusual hand and now chest. Next on would be his ass I jokingly guess. With the victory, Barca has set new record in the world football with six titles in all competitions they have competed for -
King's Cup, Spanish Super Cup, La Liga, Champions League, European Super Cup and World Club Cup!

Guardiola burst into tears at the end. Its unbelievable for him, so as to Barcelona players as well as for many football fans around the world including me. To set the record straight after only in his first year managing Barcelona, the young coach deserved to get the highest accolade from his country and also his football club. And now I can proclaim that Barcelona is the "
King of World Football"!

A little suggestion: Malaysia football team which won the gold medal in Laos - SEA Games - should be rewarded with a friendly football match with Barcelona next year. And I most probably wouldnt turn down the chance to watch the game.

Another thing: Lionel Messi is going to become a football legend in the next few hours.
FIFA World Footballer of the Year 2009, probably the best ever, is...

Confirmed! FIFA World Footballer of the Year 2009 is Lionel Messi! - click to view


News recap:
Messi the hero in Barca’s first Club W-Cup triumph

“We played formidably, it was a victory we deserved. Six titles in a year is unequalled,” coach Pep Guardiola told a news conference, referring to his team’s Champions League, La Liga, King’s Cup, Spanish Super Cup and European Super Cup wins.

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