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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have a date with S. Dali of Malaysia Finance

I attended a career talk by S. Dali of Malaysia Finance last month on "Planning a Career in Financial Markets". And it was fullhouse and a little more! I found that the talk was very insightful and beneficial to business/acc/finance students. I learned a lot from the talk which ended after 3 hours and the cost was only RM92 per person!

I especially like the Q&A sessions where the audiences asked a lot of interesting questions. What they get in return were mostly genuine and clear answers. Plus there was no break for Dali as during the 15 mins timeoff, his fans just walked over to him and take the chance to ask more questions, shake his hand and take a closer look at the real guy behind Malaysia Finance Blogspot. The only thing that they didnt do is ask for a signature! Or maybe they forgot.

The good news is S. Dali will conduct another talk on October 31, 2009! So remember to bring your pen. This time, he aptly named his talk as “A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Stock Exchange”. I am looking forward to attend the talk again. Plus there will be extended Q&A session planned at the end of the talk! Again, this talk is very very useful to business/acc/finance students, especially the Finance Students where you will learn a lot about the industry before you step into the real world.

To learn more about the topics covered, simply click on the flyer above. I know you will ask for the price. Its in the flyer. Basically, the earlier you buy the cheaper or come in group of at least 4 persons.

p/s: I am not paid by S.Dali or anybody to advertise this post and I am not going after his daughter etc. Just for sharing :)


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