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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why guys and gals alike like to see/peep/look at woman's breasts?

This will be a very short and simple post. Have you ever wondered why guys and gals like to see/peep/look at woman's breasts? Allow me to ask you some questions.

Ok, where did you just look at? Be honest! No gift for dishonesty.

Again, where did you see? Why??? Ok, see clearly the next picture!

Ok, how bout this? Did you look at his breasts? I bet you look at his ketiak/armpit!

Woww, this is a very nicely taken picture of Lin Zhi Ling! Ok, back to the original question! Where did you just scan through? If you are still blur blur, try the last piece!

Ok, this is the last test! Where did ya see?

So, why guys and gals alike like to see/peep/look at woman's breasts? The answer is short and simple.

"Its their longlost familiarity! They were breastfed once born. Thats why they got a warm feeling about it! You cant blame them." - twitter/orrlang

Do you have any opinion about this? What do you think?


chris@dotagaki said...

Haha good reasoning. Covers up pervertness :)

Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

It's just something you want to look at haha

messi said...

@chris: lol XD

@ariff: it? size doesnt matter?

kumfye said...

i like this post very

Shuwen said...

LOL I definitely looked at the ketiak.

messi said...

@kumfye: thanks. glad u enjoy d post :D

@shuwen: lol! me 2! XD

Janice said...

so bad wana..