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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Messi 5; Planning to move to Barcelona soon

Barcelona whips Racing Santander 4-1 at Racing to top the La Liga with a maximum of 12 points. Barca has now scored 14 goals in 4 matches while conceded only 3! If Barcelona continues this great form, I think I will move to Barcelona soon! :) vs Racing, Messi show-off his great skill again. After a one-two with Xavi, Messi dribbled past 2 defenders at once before curling in with his left foot.

"On top of the World" - Messi leads top scorer list with 5 goals in last 3 league games

Ibrahimovic has earlier scored a goal through a good left footie cross by Messi, which received a ball directly from Xavi from a freekick. I guess this strategy is the result of workout in training i.e. they practice in training. Its a guesstimate. :)

Pique is the third on the score list with a simple tap in, after collecting an unusual back-heel pass from Ibrahimovic.

The fourth goal by Messi is coming soon. I am still looking for it. Be patient.

Here's Messi second goal of the game. Simply world class - period!:)

p/s: This post is my own commentary of the game. I may be bias :)

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