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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I was a fan of Manchester United

I was a fan of MU during the era of Peter Schmeichel, Roy Keane and David Beckham. Eric Cantona is great but I still have yet to know him well at that time. The most memorable experience was when the Red Devils completed the treble in 1999. Losing 0-1 to Bayern Munich during most of the match time, MU made a great comeback with two goals in the last two minutes to seal a remarkable victory over Munich.

The atmosphere in the coffee shop where i watched the game is still fresh in my mind. Though the match started around 2.45am, MU die hard fans will never miss it. Its like a responsibility for them to follow every match involving MU. Anyone care to share whats the reason/s?

I still remember an Indian friend became too excited with the win and tears apart the plastic chair with his head! He just spontaneously held the chair high and slammed the chair (the area where you rest ur bottom) into his head. As a result, he had to compensate which I dont think he care much. He is too happy and order more Guinness to celebrate the magical win for his beloved team.

MU is still my favorite team in the EPL. They have their own style of play which I believe is hard for other teams to emulate. Since following Messi few years ago, and with the departure of David Beckham to Real Madrid, my attention turns to Barcelona. I do think that the departure of Beckham is a great loss to MU. He is without doubt the best freekick taker and crosser in the world. For me, MU greatest no.7, since Eric Cantona era, belongs to David Beckham though many will prefer Ronaldo.

Why Messi? Simply because there isnt anyone like Messi.

He's great with dribbling...

Cool when scoring...

and simple when celebrating

Messi is a gifted player. You wont see another one like him in a long, long time.

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