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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Probably the Best Concert of the Year

T-Music Festival, which I like to call Tiger Music Fest, is probably the best concert of the year 2009. The concert started around 7pm, which is quite rare in Malaysia since most concerts I attended were late by at least half an hour. I think the reason is this concert, unlike others, is for 5 hours! Need to make sure the concert does not ended too late. Anyway, its a good planning by the organizer.

Let's get it started here..!

The first singer that really move the audience is James from Thailand with a popular Thai song by Thailand's songbird Thongchai. For your information, Thongchai is like the Andy Lau of Thailand for Thai people. Well, my hands started to move for the first time during the concert.

Then, things started to cool down until the performance of Soler. This time my hands and head move together! I dont really understand their songs but its ROCK man! How can you not move when your hear a song like this?

When its time for Power Station to rock, I'm ready to move again!

I think they sing the most number of songs in this concert and they really rock the stadium that night! For the very first time, my whole body move in sync!*dancing* I would like to stand up and dance. But thinking I will block the view of others at the back, i decided to stay put. Though they didnt sing Chong Dong, a song I like a lot, at least they sing this song.

Some of the songs belted out by Power Station are 背叛情歌, 那就這樣吧, 彩虹, 愛到瘋癲 and this song which I like a lot!

Next on board is the singer of "I am like that" (loosely translated), Jade Liu from China. She sang a couple of songs with Power Station before her solo performance. Here is her most popular song.

After the first half ended, I walked out to buy some food. The second half, needless to say, is the moment most of us waiting for! And im ready to rock again!!!

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