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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something to ponder - PASSION is the key

For those looking for a job change or fresh grad looking for a job, this article is a good read. Even if you are reading just for fun.

"You can always quit and do something else. Its a choice you make or a choice made for you". Think about it! :)

For me, I would find a job that i love to do all the time. A job that I am passionate about, always talk about, and cant live without it (or am i too serious? why not rite :D).

There are some things which we learn only by observation.

Excerpts from:
Up close and personal with Tan Sri Lin See-Yan

He wants to make the most of living. He has trained himself to sleep three to four hours and to finish a book within the same amount of time.

“Why do I want to sleep my life away? If I am lucky, perhaps I’ll live another 15 to 20 years. Our mind is a very powerful tool.”

“Just having an interest is not enough. Interest dies after a while. So in all that we do, there must be passion and confidence in your ability and discipline.

“So many things are new to me. Technology today is moving so fast but I learn. There must be an eagerness to learn, in order for the mind to remain bright. Before you know it, a year is gone,” says Lin.

“How many will agree to say, if you get profits of so much, I get paid (for the board work). Therefore, although I am not paid, I learn a lot. There are some things which we learn only by observation. Tun Ismail taught me that.

“If I sit on a board and it bores me, I quit. Passion is so important because you have to understand the frustration you go through. If you don’t have passion in what you do, it will never happen and things become wishy-washy.

That’s what economics taught me. You live within constraints, or you will be a complainer all the time. It is a choice you make or a choice made for you. You can always quit and do something else.”

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