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Friday, February 5, 2010

Kris Allen is coming to town, BUT...

Kris Allen, d winner of AI Season 8, is coming to town.

I was listening to hitzfm and heard how ecstatic and crazy were his fans - mostly or about 98% are girls. If you listen to them, once you just switched on the radio, OHMYGOD, TEHQIU TEHQIU TEHHHQIIIUUUU.. u must think he/she has won something like RM8,888 cash or a trip to Japan/Europe/whatnot.

I would imagine the expression is some sort like this. :)

Google Kris Allen and found a pic of him.

Errr...why so excited?? Isnt that not a usual face where you can see on the street/ shopping complex? Would u mind to tell me Kris Allen's fans/ fanatics I shall call you? Maybe because he is the winner of American Idol, a new superstar!

But then who am I to judge him rite? :D

I am not girl, so I wont understand. But, if this gorgeous lady coming here, I think I would be able to understand the girls' feeling (One good way to undertand the hard-2-understand creation of god).

Woww, Jessica Alba is SOOOOOO HOT!

This smile is so captivating!! :)

STOP DREAMING, back to work!