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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Messi "Braced" Through Arsenal's Bus

Messi scored twice against Arsenal who play the boring "park the bus" instead of attacking football. You cant blame them when the opponent is Barcelona.

Final score: Barcelona 3 Arsenal 1;
though Gunners had ZERO shot on goal. Busquest accidentally scored an own goal from Nasri's corner, helping Arsenal to tie the score after a welltaken goal by Messi.

The first goal was the result of a backflick gone wrong by Fabregas. Maybe he was thinking of Iniesta as his teammate. Iniesta got the ball, found a small space between Arsenal's defenders and chipped the ball to Messi who was on the run. Messi showed why he is the best footballer in the world - by thousand miles - by a perfect chip past Almunia before slotting the ball into the net!

The second goal came after quick delightful passes by Iniesta to Villa and then to Xavi who scored with slight deflection off Arsenal's defender. After the goal, Barcelona wasted no time in search of the third and winning goal!
Pedro was brought down inside the penalty box by Kolcshieny as he chased after a through pass by Xavi. As a result, the referee awarded a penalty to Barcelona. All eyes were on Messi as he placed the ball on the penalty spot! Messi stylistly converted the penalty and was mobbed by his teammates in front of Arsenal's goalmouth!

Arsenal nearly scored in the 87th minute but Mascherano did a great job to deny Bendtner from scoring the decisive goal. At the end, it was a great night for Barcelona and the fans. Arsenal was totally OUTCLASSED, OUTPLAYED and OUT-KICKED by Barcelona. Even Guardiola forgets his backpain as he celebrates ecstatically!
Great job Barcelona! Hats off to Guardiola!!


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