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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Barcelona Shows Real Who's the Boss

Barcelona took over the lead of the Spanish League by kicking out Real Madrid from the top of La Liga. Wooohooo!

Messi scored the first goal for Barcelona after a delicate one-two with Xavi. He could have scored hattrick if not for the poor finishing on 2nd and 3rd strike (just like the repeat of 1st goal). Nevertheless, to score against Real, when Ronaldo failed to beat Victor Valdes, was a satisfying result for Barcelona fans.

The second goal was also created by Xavi with a neat pass to Pedro, who perfectly controlled the ball and curled to the far left with his left foot, leaving Casillas in agony.

Man of the match - Xavi.

Again, Barcelona shows that team play is the way to play beautiful football.

Next match - Barcelona vs Deportivo La C0runa

My prediction:

Barcelona 3 Deportivo 0


Barca vs Real Madrid - A Tactical Review

"Ronaldo looked like he is looking to show the world who is the better player, in the end showed the world that he is a seriously one dimensional player."

"Yesterday's match shows that Real Madrid has a long way to go to match this Barca side in terms of skill and grit."

"On a final analysis it was Real Madrid's inablility to work as a team that hurt them the most. There were individual performances but those weren't good enough. FC Barcelona worked really hard as a team, their defense is not considered as the best but they showed that they have the most resolute defense. Pedro and Alves failed to impose in first half, but there work-rate was exceptional. Real Madrid was shocked by the skill of Xavi and Messi creating the first goal and never recovered from it."

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