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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Messi vs Ronaldo

Who is the best footballer in the world today? Messi or Ronaldo (MU kid, not botak one)? Well, both have their own group of supporters/fans. For MU fans, usual la, Ronaldo should be your choice (or else you have to sit/stand with Liverpool fans in the Theatre of Dreams - heavily guarded. Bottles, shoes coming......Watch ur head!! no need to watch the game already lo). Same with Barca fans, most will say Messi is the best.

Maybe I should conduct a survey in this blog to determine who is the best! Just vote in the comment box guys. Thank you. But since my blog is not as famous as Malaysia Finance or Kennysia blog, even 10 votes is considered successful already.

Back to Messi vs Ronaldo. In my opinion, both have their own special trademarks. Of course, most girls will prefer Ronaldo because they look at footballer's face only. Even when Ronaldo is "dribbling", they also look at the face only - see got pimples or not isit? Ronaldo is also good in the air (heading ball, not other thing!) and freekicks (although I much prefer David Beckham's curly kicks). Messi on the other hand plays like Maradona. As my friend said, "the ball seems like gummed to his feet."

His dribbling skill, needless to say, is phenomenal. Compared to Ronaldo, his dribbling skill is more natural and beautiful. Ronaldo, you dont need to always left right left right....., like that I also can do, but I think I will get dizzy before the opponent. If you are really good, you just need a touch or two to dribble past your opponents.

It is not easy to play like Messi/Maradona, because their special dribbling skills are GIFTED, not learned.


ruby said...

Ronaldo too many fancy skills but not that steady.

Messi controlled the ball towards the goal steadily and the next thing is GOAALLLL!!!

So....1 vote for Messi.


Messi is currently the best.

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