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Sunday, April 12, 2009

KFC, What Are You Waiting For?

Chicken prices have dropped, again! KFC, what are you waiting for?? Waiting for the chickens to come home and tell you that they are getting more friends isit(hence cheaper)? During such a bad time, dont you think you should do something? Its time to cut price!! Everyone will be happy to eat more KFC at lower prices. Sales probably will double or even triple due to increase in consumptions when prices are low.

Mc Donald has done their bit by reducing the prices of some main products such as McValue Meal McChicken and Chicken McNuggets. They are not coming out with new products with smaller portion! Right? And their sales has increased by over 50% since the launch of its McValue Meal!! Isnt that better than selling at higher prices with lower volume? Although prices has been reduced, I believe the increase in sales volume has more than offset the lower prices. Maybe Mc Donald should change their tagline to "Now everyone can eat Mc Donald every day or every week!"

And KFC can reposition itself with a new tagline "Its Less Fingers Ficking Good!"KFC, dont you want to up your sales? Perhaps you should reduce the prices of some main chicken set/value meal, like Snack Plate and Dinner Plate.

The Star news:
1)Chicken prices drop again, from Tuesday

2)Chicken costs less as farm prices drop by 30 sen

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